Bear Media Launches!

I’ve never been much of a self-publisher. In fact, I still don’t consider myself a self-publisher in that I’ve made most of my money to date from my commercial contracts from the likes of Thomas & Mercer (an Amazon Publishing imprint), and other publishing houses, big and small. However, over the past few years I’ve witnessed not the growth of self or independent publishing, but instead, the explosion of indie books. Take 50 Shades of Grey for instance. There’s an independently published book that’s gone on to sell kabillions. Wool by Hugh Howey, is another example. The initial novel from The¬†Wayward Pines Trilogy which is published by my Thomas & Mercer bud, Blake Crouch (and which is now a ten part series from Fox Broadcasting) was originally indie published.

That in mind, I’ve spent the better part of a year getting my rights back to some of my most popular books and they are now, for the first time, published under my own new label, Bear Media. I’ve also started a new series that is presently being exclusively published by Bear Media, the Chase Baker action/adventure series. For the first time in my professional life, I am writing and producing a certain number of books that are not intended for big commercial publishing. It’s a little weird for me. But fun too.

Eventually, Bear Media will expand and publish other noir and thriller authors. We will even offer up an advance. But for the present moment, we (or me anyway) are concentrating on getting off the ground with Zandri novels. I hope they do well so I don’t have to drop myself from my own list.

Vincent Zandri

Head Honcho, Bear Media